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I'm Jessica. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. I love Music, Dogs, Chocolate, Softball, my husband, Cash, and my friends. I've had an interesting life full of defiance, rebellion, and struggle and, although a lot of people don't agree with many of the choices I've made, I think I am one of the happiest people on the face of the earth. I love my husband more than anything. I never expected to fall in love so fast and to find the right guy so soon who was under my nose for years. Yes, we've had some rough times, but you have to go through the rough times in order to become stronger to endure the rest of life. I've relied on other people for most of my life, but my husband helped me to gain independence for myself and to learn what morals I believe in and what things I am capable of doing. I am an intelligent young woman who believes voting is something EVERYONE needs to participate in and I am a big supporter of Barack Obama. It's about time for a black president. :-) I like to call myself an Anarchist and a Socialist. I think government should not play a major role in anyone's life and that everyone should be treated equal. I hate the law. I absolutely DESPISE racism and think it is the most ignorant belief mankind has ever created. I am against drugs, but I am not straightedge and I'm up for trying everything once. I respect those that consider themselves straightedge, but don't call yourself straightedge and not live up to it. Also, don't call yourself straightedge thinking that you're BETTER than everybody else. If someone who drinks, smokes, and/or does drugs respects you enough to not do those things around you, you better respect them enough to not be an ass to them. Druggies, on the otherhand, are just retarded. Get your priorities straight, bro. Doing drugs maybe once every month or longer is alright, but doing drugs on top of drugs and doing them every day, 24/7 is just rediculous and STUPID! I DO NOT believe in war. War does not solve anything. I am Catholic, but I am not a strict Catholic. I will call myself Catholic because it is my faith, but I hate religion because religion leads to war. Everyone follows the same "GOD," they just have different interpretations of what/who God IS. I think divorce is a sin, but abortion is appropriate if someone is not ready for that commitment and responsibility. I think people should abort babies rather than give them up for adoption. Giving up a child for adoption is like abandonment and I would NEVER want a child to have to feel like they've been abandoned and were unwanted. I know some people say that some people can't have kids, but, that's what a serrogate mother is for, right? I don't care a

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